Polenta Zucchini Eggplant Stacks with Basil

Polenta Zucchini Eggplant Stacks

The challenge continues with finding creative ideas for using the the fresh garden veggies. The kids really liked these, which is good since they both claim to hate eggplant and zucchini. Polenta for those who have never had it, is really just an Italian corn porridge that can be baked or fried. Here we choose to bake it with zucchini …

MelindaPolenta Zucchini Eggplant Stacks

Hello from Coda

HI! My name is Coda. I am a photographer, artist, a bit eccentric and overall unconventional thinker. I am being raised in the bohemian cottage. I live with my loving mother, Melinda, and my sister Makayla. I am also a complete animal lover!!

MelindaHello from Coda

Hello from Kayla

Whoa man relax! Your in  Kayla’s Korner! The most awesomest place on the internet! My name is Makayla. I am 13 and i’m amazing and gorgeous. I know, I know how modest of me, but isn’t a girl supposed to have a lot of self esteem? I’m also a tech wizard, hair extraordinaire, total dog person, strait A student, fabulous artist and an amazing friend. Here …

MelindaHello from Kayla

Baked Hash Brown Nests

We are experimenting all summer with all the different recipes that we are able to make with what we grow in the garden. Some great successes, some that the little food critics said two forks down too. Baked  Hash Brown Nests with Fresh Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

MelindaBaked Hash Brown Nests

Our Garden

Snapdragon We wanted to create a magical fairy garden and make our yard beautiful again. Our front yard was taken over by weeds (pictured bellow) and our backyard was destroyed when a tree recently fell in it due to harsh winds. My family and I decided that what we wanted was a mystical, majestic bohemian cottage garden. Knowing it would …

MelindaOur Garden