Gluten Free Bee Pollinated Organic Kale and Zucchini Torte

Kale and Zucchini Torte

Gluten Free Kale Zucchini Torte with a Potato Crust

Kale and Zucchini Torte with fresh garden herbs and a potato crust.

We recently had a lovely brunch in my dear friend Rosie’s garden to show our support for the elimination of the pesticides that have been linked to the decline in bees. This fabulous Torte included ingredients that were pollinated by bees and grown in our garden. We grew the kale, zucchini, dill, thyme, and chives. There is just something about making food from what is readily available in the garden that feels so satisfying. This dish is a looker with it’s potato crust around the rim too. I did take mine out of the springform pan and then decided to reheat it, putting it back in, which in turn made the sides not stay in place as well. Don’t be like me, just serve it room temp if you take it to a potluck, it is just as tasty. I made this the night before our brunch. The flavors of the herbs and cheese was so fresh, light, and yet just a tad rich too. Mix it up, add different herbs, or cheeses, or veggies, add meat for your carnivores if you like. In true bohemian style, make it your own and get creative with it. Here is how I made it… (read more)

MelindaKale and Zucchini Torte
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Breakfast Tacos with Kale, Pancetta and Avocado

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Breakfast Tacos with Kale, Pancetta and Avocado

Savory breakfasts are my favorite. Add a little spice, even better. Occasionally I do enjoy something a little sweet, but most often with a savory addition to the sweet like in the Bacon and Gruyere Stuffed French Toast. This taco creation was made with items that we already had in the fridge, and it resulted in one of the tastiest impromptu recipes I have created in a long time. The creamy avocado, health boosting kale and just enough pancetta to give it that extra burst of flavor, it is a recipe I felt I needed to share. I always think, what would make this recipe even better? Adding some chipotle chili powder or a fresh salsa verde. Or how about pico de gallo or if you don’t have pancetta, good ol’ regular bacon or smoked ham bits. In the bohemian way, experiment. Add your own personal and creative flair. I would love to hear how you made this even better with your unique twist. (read more)

MelindaBreakfast Tacos with Kale, Pancetta and Avocado

Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast

Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast

Vanilla Cinnamon French Toast with Star Fruit

For breakfast me and mom made french toast together.We both made different types of french toast . I made Vanilla Cinnamon french toast. We wanted to do something together so mom went to the store and got the stuff to make it . Mom just HAD to buy me a star fruit. I begged her for about 5 minutes till she said yes. And now star fruit is my new favorite fruit there is!

Here is how I made it:

Milk 1 cup “psst … we used half and half!”

1 egg

1 dash of Vanilla extract

1 pinch of cinnamon (read more)

MelindaVanilla Cinnamon French Toast

Christmas Breakfast. Bacon and Gruyere Stuffed French Toast

Sweet and Savoury French Toast

Sweet and Savoury are achieved with the combination of bacon, gruyere and maple syrup.

When my youngest daughter, Coda and I set out to find a breakfast recipe to make for Sunday morning, we wanted to make something special to enjoy our one on one time together. As you saw a couple weeks ago in Coda’s post, she went a more traditional route with the French Toast recipe but added her own bohemian flair with her star fruit garnish. My recipe had the experimentation with the flavors and the unexpected addition of cheese. Cheese on French toast you might be asking yourself? Try it you may be pleasantly surprised. Look out Monte Christo! Maybe I should have titled this post as “Monte Cristo has a tough little brother!” (read more)

MelindaChristmas Breakfast. Bacon and Gruyere Stuffed French Toast

Sweet Potato Hash with Bacon and Eggs

A healthy and tasty Alternative to hash browns, sweetpotato hash.

A healthy and tasty Alternative to hash browns, sweet potato hash.

Sunday morning breakfast usually involves cooking a more elaborate meal than any other day of the week for me. I was wandering through the kitchen for inspiration from the ingredients that were already there when I remembered that I had these sweet potatoes on hand. Left over from a meal that was planned earlier this week for dinner that never got made, I decided that sweet potato hash would be the bomb. And indeed it was! With the addition of bacon for my honey, because he loves bacon, and a little maple and of course my latest obsession of alder wood smoked salt, the hash was a little sweet and a touch smokey too. (read more)

MelindaSweet Potato Hash with Bacon and Eggs

Scotch Eggs

A decadent treat for breakfast

A decadent treat for breakfast

Scotch Eggs are one of those classic dishes that I had always wanted to try. Partly because of the way they look, and because I am a fan of eggs any style for breakfast. This is most definitely not what your doctor would recommend, eggs swathed in breakfast sausage, breaded then deep fried. I hope Dr. Miller doesn’t see this post. I pan fried mine but you can use a deep fryer ¬†too. I would also recommend baking after deep frying to make sure the meat is cooked through. To accompany these we made biscuits and country gravy. (read more)

MelindaScotch Eggs