How to make Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi!

I have a friend I work with who is leaving for greener pastures, and I wanted to make her something special as a goodbye gift. She loves candy and sushi, so I thought the perfect thing would be Candy Sushi! I saw various versions of it on Pinterest, and it looked easy and adorable. It is a sweet treat and …

MelindaCandy Sushi!
Persian Love Cake- Exotic Baking

Persian Love Cake

Exotic, romantic, beautiful. Persian Love Cake. My good friend Kristi requested I make this cake for our friend Autumn’s bridal/bachelorette party we hosted. I thought it was stunning and couldn’t wait to try the worldly flavors. Cardamom, saffron, pistachios, rose…So bohemian and a feast for the senses. I don’t exactly consider myself a baker. I usually bake a cake or …

MelindaPersian Love Cake
Lemon Bars, Lemonies, Lemon Brownies.

Lemonies! Sweet Lemon Bar Alternative

We went to a potluck in the Cherry Creek district of Denver this weekend. What a beautiful home! The hosts were so gracious and generous with tons of food and drinks. They even organized a canned food drive. They had an artist doing charcoal portraits, and we had one done of Makayla. I met some really interesting people too, some …

MelindaLemonies! Sweet Lemon Bar Alternative

Caramel Cheesecake

The girls and I were cooped up in the house recently with a snowstorm and decided what better time to bake than a snow day? We had all of the ingredients on hand from aspirations of baking over the holidays that just never happened with everything else going on. We used dark brown sugar for the caramel sauce which gave …

MelindaCaramel Cheesecake

White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge

My style of baking are the no-bake kind of recipes! Don’t get me wrong, I have aspirations of being a baker of lovely confections that make everyone’s eyes roll when they bite into them. For some reason it has been a challenge for me, possibly my ancient oven or living in high altitude…whatever it is a no-bake recipe around the …

MelindaWhite Chocolate Cranberry Fudge