Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden!

Fairy Garden

The first Fairy Garden attempt!

This last weekend we decided to make a little fairy garden centerpiece for the patio table. We selected a theme of a sleeping fairy with a color scheme similar to what we have with the patio decor in aqua blues and greens.

Fairy Garden

We added a rock “pond” in aqua blue.

We purchased all the fairy accessories from a local nursery, but I have included some links to a few online fairy garden accessory resources. I have not purchased anything from any of them, but thought you may find them helpful if you don’t have a garden center or any other sources near by. There are also plenty of ways to make fairy homes and such from items you can find out in nature as well.

Fairy Garden

We got her a little flower “lamp”.

To put the fairy garden together, we chose Scotch Moss to look like park grass, a tiny African Violet, and another little ground cover that has the most adorable blue flowers, but I can’t remember the name of it. I suffer from halfheimers sometimes! Make sure you water the garden before you put your rock in, or the water will cause the soil to rise up and get your rock all dirty. Also pick plants that like similar water and light requirements.

Hobbit House

I wish I knew the source of this image! What an adorable fairy sized Hobbit house…

I have a whole Pinterest board that is dedicated to fairy’s and their habitats. I know…big surprise! I have saved a few images there that helped to inspire me to make a fairy garden, like this little Hobbit house.

Fairy Labyrinth

I am thinking of making a little fairy labyrinth in the tiny village we are planning to make. I am not sure of the source of this image.

There are endless possibilities. Twig or bark furniture, paths with little wood slices sprinkled in glitter, a tiny tent, a magical apothecary…A little fantasy world always helps to escape for a while from everyday reality, at least for me.

Fairy Chairs for the fairy garden

With some hot glue and a few twigs, bark, and imagination, this fairy furniture would be right at home in a fae cottage.

I hope you found some of these ideas inspiring to create a tiny fairy habitat of your own. I think kids love them, but it is us adults who perhaps miss the magic of the imagination we had as kids and like to escape for a few minutes into a wondrous world of that hidden away imagination.

Fairy Tent for the fairy garden

Fairy Tent found on Brit+co.com


Here are a few links to find accessories for your garden:




Now I have the fever for making fairy gardens. I am envisioning all sorts of little fairy villages throughout some hidden spots in the yard. The only limitation is the imagination! Are you fascinated like I am with miniature worlds and the fantasy these gardens bring?

Well, until next time…

Be creative and stay inspired!

MelindaFairy Garden!

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