Tiny She Shed

She Shed Decor Inspiration

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With the upcoming shed renovation I have been doing a lot of online research for ideas of how to personalize the Shedquarters for Bohemian Cottage. I thought I would share with you here some of my favorites. You can see them all on my Pinterest board for Artist Studio, which is half of the intended purpose of the shed, along with running a business and relaxing too of course.

Tiny She Shed

Love the window boxes and color of this tiny shed. Source House Beautiful.

Some of the ideas that I am considering for decorating are to paint the sky mural on the pitched ceiling like I had at my old house and to finally add the 2 crystal chandeliers! So far I have one of the chandeliers and it gives off wonderful light with LED bulbs. I think I will keep the walls fairly subdued in color, like an off white or a tea stained parchment sort of color to give it a vintage look. I was considering doing a floral mural too.

She Shed Decor Inspiration

This is close to what I was thinking for the wall treatment. Possibly with a faded floral motif over that.

I have also been searching online for cloud sky mural inspiration. I want to add in a little bit of pink to the sky this time. I will have to think about the trim and mouldings and get creative with those as well…

She Shed Decor Inspiration

I like the depth of colors in this cloud mural. The link where it came from does not work anymore. If anyone knows who the artist is I would love to give credit!

I did find the chandelier on Amazon that I put in the shed. I plan on getting 2 of them! And a mirror ball too perhaps…hmmm, do you think a mirror ball would reflect the chandeliers?

She Shed Decor Inspiration!

This ceiling is a little over the top for the shed. If I could paint that well, I just might go over the top too!


As far as furnishings, right now I am just using what I have on hand. Painted metal chairs, our old kitchen table, an old bookcase and an even older chest. What would I ideally like? Oh, a nice little sofa that would fold up on the sides into a little bed, just like the one I saw at World Market. Built in desk/work space against the wall. I think Tom is going to help me make that a reality.

She shed from a garage

I love the idea of transforming a forgotten about space into something beautiful and functional from things we already have. source

For the floor, I am considering a simulated wood vinyl tile. It seems to be affordable and would have a lifetime warranty. The new tiles they have for this are really beautiful too! I have always wanted a black and white checkered floor too, but I think I may stick to the wood look.

Bright summer she shed

I adore this colorful little cottage right there in the middle of the garden. source: FlowerPatchFarmhouse.com

On the exterior I really want to add a french door, but that is going to have to be down the road. We did build new double doors on the front of the shed as the wood was really rotted. French doors would add much needed light, though there are still 2 windows that will be used for lighting. The third window will house an air conditioning unit to cool the shed in the summer.

French doors on the she shed

This lion head above the door reminds me of my goddess head on my shed! I love the french doors. source: tatortotsandjello.com

Other exterior features that would be lovely is a porch. This is another down the road addition, as we are just in the mode to get the interior finished off at this point. I will for sure be adding some garden features with flowers and herbs and a new path..

Garden she shed

I love the tulips in front of this garden shed. I plan to add some pots and flowers too! source: fleamarketgardening.org

Moving back inside, what I am thinking for functional additions to the interior would be a place to store art supplies, desk height counters in the far end to set up a sewing machine, computer and workspace for doing jewelry projects. I am also dreaming of an easel and a small sitting space with that little fold down sofa I mentioned so someone can stay the night or a nap can commence.

Lady lounge she shed

I love the little path and stepping stones on this “lady lounge”. I also really like the little shelf above the door to display a collection.¬†source: Fleamarketgardening.org

I plan on sewing some curtains out of the fabric we used for the tree skirt this past Christmas. It is s lovely peacock pattern that is very subtle and beautiful. I may add some cute trim of some sort to it too.

Artist studio easel

I plan to include an easel for painting… source: ucreativething.com

There will be a table in the center that can be pushed to the wall to open more space. The storage for the art supplies will be on the east wall by the double doors and will have cubby type shelving. I plan to also have a bookcase for reading materials. The easel will be directly across from the storage shelves.I may just get a traditional style one rather than try to make one out of palettes, as it seems a little large for the space. Cool though!

I hope you have enjoyed some of what has been inspiring me with the shed!

Till next time…

Be creative and stay inspired!






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