White Shasta Daisy

Our Garden 2015

Pink Astilbe Shade Garden

I have started a shade garden this year in the back.

Hey guys! I wanted to post the latest on our garden from this year. Some of the new plants include this pink astilbe, and a white one. For some reason I didn’t get a picture of the white one. I started a shade garden in the back by the fence, which is the only shady area in our garden. I also added Creeping Jenny and Anemone Sylvestris. It didn’t bloom this year, hopefully next year!

Red Dinner Plate Dahlia Perennial.

Red Dinner Plate Dahlia.

I also planted Dahlias! This red one and a yellow one that has been growing in a pot. I am thinking of transplanting it into the ground as soon as I do some gardening chores and clear a nice spot for it where it is hopelessly overgrown. They seem to be happy, and they really make me happy with their nice big blooms. (read more)

MelindaOur Garden 2015
Mini White Pumpkins for fall decor

4 Fall Ideas to Bring the Season Indoors

Mini White Pumpkins for fall decor

The mini white ghost pumpkins I grew this year did quite well and look great gathered in a fall themed bowl.

With the transition of summer to fall, it’s the time of year I love to savor since it is so fleeting and so beautiful. I wanted to share some of the things I enjoy to bring fall into Fox Cottage. When I think of fall, it brings to mind certain scents, colors, textures and just an over all cozy feeling as the air starts to turn to that cooler, crisp weather. My go to fall fixes are:

  • Decorating with nature. Think pumpkins, gourds, flowers, twigs and leaves.
  • Candle light. Bringing in a nice warm glow.
  • Scent. Fall scents with candles, cooking and a fall simmer pot of natural fruits and spices that I will share with yo.u
  • Food. I love to switch the summer menu to fall with warming soups and stews, roasted veggies and other comfort food.
  • Sound. Music that helps reflect a fall state of mind are always playing in our house. Here is a link to our Spotify Autumn playlist.
Fall Floral Arrangement. Bohemian Cottage

Using nature and items found in the garden to decorate can make a big seasonal impact without spending anything.


When planning our garden in the early spring, I always plan the garden around what I will be using the plants for. Some are of course edible and culinary while others are for pure enjoyment. I usually think ahead to fall at that time to plan for what crops we will be wanting like pumpkins and winter squashes, mums and marigolds to be used in fall displays. (read more)

Melinda4 Fall Ideas to Bring the Season Indoors
Fall table setting. Bohemian Cottage

Fall Tablescape Inspiration

Fall is slowly creeping up on us here in the Rocky Mountains. The air is crisp in the evenings and mornings, the first touches of changing leaves are showing on the trees and the pumpkins are getting big in the garden. We recently cleaned the back yard up really well and set a nice fall table for Sunday taco night. I made baked tilapia for fish tacos and had a bunch of different toppings cut up and ready. I also had the Shiner Bock Rubyred Summer ale to drink. It was really good!

To help get your fall table set, I curated some ideas from around the web, and also wanted to share our first of many fall table settings with you. (read more)

MelindaFall Tablescape Inspiration
Stunning Iris Flower Rhiozome

Spring Flower Garden

Iris Spring Flower Garden

These mystery Iris were planted a couple of years ago. Surprise!

When these iris were planted in the front garden a couple of years ago, I was not sure what color they were. I can’t even remember where I got them. Was it the Rocky Mountain Gardening Forum plant swap? Maybe my friend Julie? Surprises in the garden are one of the joys of toiling in the dirt. Watching all of the fruits of your labor burst into bloom in the spring, summer and fall makes it all worth it. I love the process of teaching the kids about the powerful lesson of cultivating a seed, nurturing it and watching it grow into a beautiful flower or food to eat. The value of delaying gratification and cultivating patience. I know many of the gardeners feel the same as I do, that gardening is a form of therapy. Cheap and effective therapy! (read more)

MelindaSpring Flower Garden

The Late Autumnal Garden 2013

Beautiful Fall Foliage from our Raspberry Bush

Our Raspberry in full fall color

With the gorgeous mild weather we have been having, I was inspired to work out in the garden for some fall clean up. Much to my surprise my raspberry bush is giving us quite the show with it’s beautiful rust and burgundy foliage. I still have some mums, sage, carrots and beets in the garden.

I was able to memorialize our vivid and robust Swiss Chard from my last harvest. Next year I will include some of the recipes I experimented with.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard Harvested from the Garden

Here are a few more shots of the last of our 2013 garden.

Fall Pink Mum (read more)

MelindaThe Late Autumnal Garden 2013

Our 2013 Garden

Early June Garden 2013Here is our potager vegetable and herb garden in early June. I will be updating with more recent pictures soon. It has taken off nicely with the addition of purple kale, swiss chard, romaine, spinach, purple leaf lettuce. We also have 2 kinds of basil, 2 kinds of tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, 3 kinds of peppers and eggplant. I have also been cutting the ends off the scallions and leeks and replanting them. they keep coming back! I am a fairly new gardener and discovering all kinds of things like that make it so fun! (read more)

MelindaOur 2013 Garden