Painted Ceiling

One of the ongoing projects in our cottage is the transformation of our living room. I have begun a classic sky mural on the ceiling. The girls helped me to paint the walls. I was inspired by a painting in our living room for the color palate. It is a muted sea palate that I think helps to bring a calming feeling into our space. I am a big fan of color, but did not want overwhelming color in the living room since I often times have the feeling of being overwhelmed as it is. With a bohemian flair and taking what we already have and incorporating some new paint and soon window coverings, I think we will have a place that might be at once Mediterranean sea with that bohemian flair that is at the heart of my aesthetic. Here are some photos of our on going project and some of the inspiration I met along the way. (read more)

MelindaPainted Ceiling
Velvet Bedding

Nesting Inspiration

Here are a few beautiful bohemian style interiors that I find very inspiring as I begin the process room by room of designing our space. Some of the aspects of the Bohemian style that most attract me is the sensuality and romance that exudes from it.  In typical fashion for me, have several projects going at once, as inspiration strikes, I act upon it.

Bright colors and collage of art

Velvet Eccentric

Bohemian by definition means that one follows their own path without regard for rules and tradition. To me it is an expression of creativity and letting your own style shine. There are no rules. (read more)

MelindaNesting Inspiration