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8 Symbols of Happiness

My good friend Arianna has recently launched her blog, seekingabetterlife.com,  that explores her journey in uncovering the truth about nutrition and health. She recently shared her 8 symbols of happiness and challenged her readers to come up with theirs. The concept is based on her favorite writer, blogger and podcaster, Gretchen Rubin’s The 8 symbols of happiness which was inspired …

Melinda8 Symbols of Happiness

Our Garden

Snapdragon We wanted to create a magical fairy garden and make our yard beautiful again. Our front yard was taken over by weeds (pictured bellow) and our backyard was destroyed when a tree recently fell in it due to harsh winds. My family and I decided that what we wanted was a mystical, majestic bohemian cottage garden. Knowing it would …

MelindaOur Garden