Fleur De Lis 8 Symbols of Happiness

8 Symbols of Happiness

My good friend Arianna has recently launched her blog, seekingabetterlife.com,  that explores her journey in uncovering the truth about nutrition and health. She recently shared her 8 symbols of happiness and challenged her readers to come up with theirs. The concept is based on her favorite writer, blogger and podcaster, Gretchen Rubin’s The 8 symbols of happiness which was inspired by the 8 Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism.

My 8 symbols of happiness are…

Heart. I think without love there would be little that would make me happy. Romantic love, parental love, love for kindred souls, friends and my family… (read more)

Melinda8 Symbols of Happiness

Our Garden


We wanted to create a magical fairy garden and make our yard beautiful again. Our front yard was taken over by weeds (pictured bellow) and our backyard was destroyed when a tree recently fell in it due to harsh winds. My family and I decided that what we wanted was a mystical, majestic bohemian cottage garden. Knowing it would take a lot of inspiration and labor we set out in hopes our garden would become a bountiful retreat.

MelindaOur Garden