Cosmopolitan Hotel Lobby Las Vegas. BohemianCottage

Travel Diary, Las Vegas

When you first walk into the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, your senses are at once bombarded in that oh so stimulating way that only Las Vegas can deliver. The sights with the video pillars constantly changing to the music and the smells of cigars and perfume and what is that smell? Sniff sniff…is that money?  I recently returned from …

MelindaTravel Diary, Las Vegas

Travel Diary, La Quinta California

I recently took a trip to the Waldorf Astoria, La Quinta Resort and Club. What a refuge from the recent cold to be where the flowers are blooming and the temperature is a mild 70 degrees. Outside my hotel room door was a pool, and the most beautiful roses… The history of the La Quinta Resort goes way back. In …

MelindaTravel Diary, La Quinta California

Road Tripping in Style, Teardrop Campers

With the new year approaching, within days actually, I am dreaming of travel. Road trips are a fun way to get a quick and inexpensive travel fix. Camping is of the world class variety here in Colorado, and would be even more cozy and even downright glamorous in a teardrop style camper.  My totally cool bohemian friend Kelly Twin and …

MelindaRoad Tripping in Style, Teardrop Campers