Gift Wrapping with recycled Christmas cards.

Gift Wrap with Recycled Christmas Cards

Gift bags are so easy and convenient to throw a gift into with a little tissue paper and instantly without much effort you have a pretty gift ready to give. The only thing missing is the satisfaction of tearing into that beautiful gift wrap and discovering the very present you were wishing for under that lovely wrapping paper. It seems …

MelindaGift Wrap with Recycled Christmas Cards

A Picnic in Winter

Weather in the high 60’s on a winters day in the Rocky Mountains makes us want to head straight outside. The girls and I decided to pack a Mediterranean style feast and head out to the park. Luckily for us nearly every last living soul was in front of their TV watching football (we are in Broncos territory after all). …

MelindaA Picnic in Winter
Yule Blessings

Winter Holiday Tablescape Inspiration

Have you been starting to think about company coming for the holidays? Setting a festive mood for the holidays is important for me to not get overwhelmed and sometimes downright depressed this time of year. I usually go about it my usual way of slowly collecting items that can be used to decorate around the holidays from post holiday clearance …

MelindaWinter Holiday Tablescape Inspiration