Lemon Bars, Lemonies, Lemon Brownies.

Lemonies! Sweet Lemon Bar Alternative

Lemon Bars, Lemonies, Lemon Brownies.

Lemon Yellowies are more firm like a brownie or dense cake.

We went to a potluck in the Cherry Creek district of Denver this weekend. What a beautiful home! The hosts were so gracious and generous with tons of food and drinks. They even organized a canned food drive. They had an artist doing charcoal portraits, and we had one done of Makayla. I met some really interesting people too, some of them artists as well.

Lemonies, Lemon Brownies, Lemon Bars.

The hosts requested that we bring either a dessert or a side dish, so we opted for dessert. Makayla made these Lemonies on her own with no help from me at all. We named these delicious treats Lemonies since they are like a brownie, but obviously not brown! They are different than a traditional lemon bar in that they are firm and more dense, which I happen to love. They have a great lemon flavor, but are not too sweet either. They are not gluten free or vegan or low carb or anything else as far as being friendly to any particular diet. But! They are totally delish for those who may stray from time to time or don’t really have to restrict their diets. I have ambition and goals of including treats for other restricted diets here, as I have been having to go more low carb for health reasons lately and have other friends that have other issues and choices as well. (read more)

MelindaLemonies! Sweet Lemon Bar Alternative
Bohemian Nail Art

Bohemian Nail Art~Kiss Nail Stickers Review

Kiss Nail StickersToday we did manicures and I tried nail polish stickers from Kiss. The nails were very easy to apply and they had a lot of lovely designs. I picked this classy black and gold one. It also comes with little shapes and such you can add to customize it. You can see a few of the designs above. I was really sad to see, hours later, the stickers peeling off. I’m sure they will work fine with some nail glue or something to make them a little more permanent.

Royal Flush Nail Stickers by Kiss

These nails were so edgy and bohemian and really classy looking on.

I tried Kiss Gel Dress, gel polish solution stickers in Royal Flush. (read more)

MelindaBohemian Nail Art~Kiss Nail Stickers Review
Chicken Caprese Pizza from bohemiancottage.com

Caprese Chicken Pizza

Chicken Caprese Pizza. Bohemiancottage.com

Easy and Healthy Chicken Caprese Pizza.

Browsing magazines never fails to make me inspired. Whether its a craft or a dinner, magazines are full of opportunities.  I came across a picture of  chicken caprese pizza in seventeen magazine. This seemed like the perfect meal to satisfy the appetite of the picky eaters of our house, while still keeping it healthy. This pizza is truly easy to make and will make everyone’s mouth water.


Pizza dough. We used pre-made dough.

1 Roma tomato- sliced

Shredded mozzarella- 1 cup

1 grilled chicken breast- sliced (read more)

MelindaCaprese Chicken Pizza

Yule Light Up My Life!

After receiving a very generous gift from our neighboors, i got inspired to go all out with Christmas lights. Candy cane lights, Ice-scicle lights, garland and rope are just a few types of lights we were given. So what did i do after getting these lights? i went to there house to get some ideas.

This is our neighbors’s , Jamie and Lloyds, house. Isn’t it lovely?

So After looking at there lights i adapted a few of their ideas. For example, putting rope lines around the perimeter of the yard and lining the windows. So keep in mind  that this is the first year putting up Christmas lights so i’m not a pro! (read more)

MelindaYule Light Up My Life!

Hello from Kayla

Whoa man relax! Your in  Kayla’s Korner! The most awesomest place on the internet! My name is Makayla. I am 13 and i’m amazing and gorgeous. I know, I know how modest of me, but isn’t a girl supposed to have a lot of self esteem? I’m also a tech wizard, hair extraordinaire, total dog person, strait A student, fabulous artist and an amazing friend. Here on this page I will show you what pure awesomness is. Did I mention i’m gorgeous?

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MelindaHello from Kayla