Bohemian peacock vignette display.

The Art of the Vignette. Styling Decorative Displays

I don’t have a big home improvement budget at this time in my life, (working on changing that!) but I do have a voracious appetite for beautifying our home. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to change up your decor and to really add a personal and bohemian flair, is to style a vignette of favorite and collected objects, or still life. Vignettes can be as simple as grouping several heights of candles together in front of a mirror, to a carefully curated cluster of gathered pieces, thoughtfully placed using the following principles… (read more)

MelindaThe Art of the Vignette. Styling Decorative Displays
Bright Bohemian Deck Decor

Decorating the Outdoor Room

With my recent project of painting our tiny front deck, I got inspired to make it feel like an outdoor room that we can enjoy as an extension of our home. My imagination starts dreaming of rugs, moroccan style lanterns, colorful pottery and furniture, plants and pillows…The space is small, but could be so cozy. I thought I would share with you some of the outdoor rooms that are inspiring our little deck “room” makeover and the pictures of the progress of the space taking shape. I have also included some Amazon affiliate links for some of the items I am considering getting for our deck too. (we get a little commission if you decide to purchase something through the link, it helps keep the blog going, and we thank you!) (read more)

MelindaDecorating the Outdoor Room
Bohemian Tea Party Decor. Bohemian Cottage

Party Decor~Bohemian Tea Party

The bohemian tea party turned out to be timed just right for Makayla’s birthday. We had a few friends over, all bringing something to contribute to the spread and enjoyed a fun, bohemian themed gathering. The food was an eclectic mix of world flavors, the color scheme was a bright saturated jewel toned rainbow. We took inspiration from Morocco, India, England and Turkey.

Bright Bold Bohemian Tea Party Decor

We went with a mix of bright colors and world flavors for our tea party.

Heirloom Tea Set

Rosie brought her tea set passed down from her grandmother.

We had traditional English tea cups and saucers as well as Moroccan tea cups. We ended up using the Moroccan tea cups for our bubbly cocktails instead! I did attempt to make the traditional Moroccan tea, but it came out way to strong. I will work on perfecting that recipe and technique to share with you here on the blog. (read more)

MelindaParty Decor~Bohemian Tea Party
Whimsical Bohemian Tea Set by Nini Violette

Bohemian Tea Party Inspiration

Whimsical Bohemian Tea Set by Nini Violette

While planning an upcoming Bohemian Tea Party, which you will see here on the blog, I have come across many inspiring ideas that I wanted to share here. When I start thinking about a party, usually I have some sort of theme in mind like last summers Midsummer Masquerade, to an Indian inspired intimate dinner for 4, it helps to plan the decor, menu and music. If you checked out the Convivial Bohemian Table post, you may have had some inspiration to make your everyday dinning special and uniquely your own, or so I hope anyway! (read more)

MelindaBohemian Tea Party Inspiration
Romantic table for 2

Convivial Bohemian Table

Romantic table for 2

A romantic table lit by candle light. We only have so many heartbeats in this lifetime, and meals to enjoy, so I try to make them special.

One the best parts of cooking for me is the conviviality of coming together with family and friends. Nothing nourishes the bohemian soul more, with the exception of traveling perhaps. I think it is one of the most basic things we can to do in our world to promote peace and goodwill, starting right in our own homes. That is something that I try to point out to my girls, if everyone took the time to slow down and share nourishment and break bread with one another, no matter how humble, it might make a difference in the world one household at a time. (read more)

MelindaConvivial Bohemian Table

Painted Ceiling

One of the ongoing projects in our cottage is the transformation of our living room. I have begun a classic sky mural on the ceiling. The girls helped me to paint the walls. I was inspired by a painting in our living room for the color palate. It is a muted sea palate that I think helps to bring a calming feeling into our space. I am a big fan of color, but did not want overwhelming color in the living room since I often times have the feeling of being overwhelmed as it is. With a bohemian flair and taking what we already have and incorporating some new paint and soon window coverings, I think we will have a place that might be at once Mediterranean sea with that bohemian flair that is at the heart of my aesthetic. Here are some photos of our on going project and some of the inspiration I met along the way. (read more)

MelindaPainted Ceiling