Bohemian peacock vignette display.

The Art of the Vignette. Styling Decorative Displays

I don’t have a big home improvement budget at this time in my life, (working on changing that!) but I do have a voracious appetite for beautifying our home. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to change up your decor and to really add a personal and bohemian flair, is to style a vignette of favorite and collected objects, or still life. Vignettes can be as simple as grouping several heights of candles together in front of a mirror, to a carefully curated cluster of gathered pieces, thoughtfully placed using the following principles… (read more)

MelindaThe Art of the Vignette. Styling Decorative Displays
Bright Bohemian Deck Decor

Decorating the Outdoor Room

With my recent project of painting our tiny front deck, I got inspired to make it feel like an outdoor room that we can enjoy as an extension of our home. My imagination starts dreaming of rugs, moroccan style lanterns, colorful pottery and furniture, plants and pillows…The space is small, but could be so cozy. I thought I would share with you some of the outdoor rooms that are inspiring our little deck “room” makeover and the pictures of the progress of the space taking shape. I have also included some Amazon affiliate links for some of the items I am considering getting for our deck too. (we get a little commission if you decide to purchase something through the link, it helps keep the blog going, and we thank you!) (read more)

MelindaDecorating the Outdoor Room
Mini White Pumpkins for fall decor

4 Fall Ideas to Bring the Season Indoors

Mini White Pumpkins for fall decor

The mini white ghost pumpkins I grew this year did quite well and look great gathered in a fall themed bowl.

With the transition of summer to fall, it’s the time of year I love to savor since it is so fleeting and so beautiful. I wanted to share some of the things I enjoy to bring fall into Fox Cottage. When I think of fall, it brings to mind certain scents, colors, textures and just an over all cozy feeling as the air starts to turn to that cooler, crisp weather. My go to fall fixes are:

  • Decorating with nature. Think pumpkins, gourds, flowers, twigs and leaves.
  • Candle light. Bringing in a nice warm glow.
  • Scent. Fall scents with candles, cooking and a fall simmer pot of natural fruits and spices that I will share with yo.u
  • Food. I love to switch the summer menu to fall with warming soups and stews, roasted veggies and other comfort food.
  • Sound. Music that helps reflect a fall state of mind are always playing in our house. Here is a link to our Spotify Autumn playlist.
Fall Floral Arrangement. Bohemian Cottage

Using nature and items found in the garden to decorate can make a big seasonal impact without spending anything.


When planning our garden in the early spring, I always plan the garden around what I will be using the plants for. Some are of course edible and culinary while others are for pure enjoyment. I usually think ahead to fall at that time to plan for what crops we will be wanting like pumpkins and winter squashes, mums and marigolds to be used in fall displays. (read more)

Melinda4 Fall Ideas to Bring the Season Indoors
White Porcelain Floral Hand Jewelry Holder

Collectables. What do our collections reveal about us?

Cast Iron Hand Crystal Ball Holder

This iron hand was the first piece I got when I started to collect hands.

Most people have collected something at some point in their lives. I think it is human nature to collect, based on some of our most primal basic needs for food perhaps. Carl Jung had his theories on it as did Freud. I got to thinking about what some of the collections I have might be saying about me and my personality. Most of the things I collect are for the aesthetic aspects of it, also symbolic and my constant thirst for the hunt of a particular object. Some of the collections I have did not start intentionally to be collections, they just happened. Kind of like my collection of hand sculptures. The very first one, a cast iron open hand, was purchased as a crystal ball stand. It is one of my favorite things that I own. Then I became fascinated with hands of different sorts when I would come across them. I found a set of tiny clay hands that fit perfectly a small smoky quartz crystal ball I had. Then I had 2. I picked up jewelry holder hands made from resin, ceramic and wood. They symbolize to me help, work, balance, giving and receiving. (read more)

MelindaCollectables. What do our collections reveal about us?
Yule Blessings

Winter Holiday Tablescape Inspiration

Simple Holiday Appetizers

Offering of simple appetizers by candle light. Hummus, Tzatziki, heirloom carrots, smoked almonds and pretzel chips.

Have you been starting to think about company coming for the holidays? Setting a festive mood for the holidays is important for me to not get overwhelmed and sometimes downright depressed this time of year. I usually go about it my usual way of slowly collecting items that can be used to decorate around the holidays from post holiday clearance sales to my fave, thrift stores. I have recently become obsessed with trays. I found this deep red faux croc tray for a steal. Trays tend to corral your items and give the table a cohesive feel.  (read more)

MelindaWinter Holiday Tablescape Inspiration
Romantic table for 2

Convivial Bohemian Table

Romantic table for 2

A romantic table lit by candle light. We only have so many heartbeats in this lifetime, and meals to enjoy, so I try to make them special.

One the best parts of cooking for me is the conviviality of coming together with family and friends. Nothing nourishes the bohemian soul more, with the exception of traveling perhaps. I think it is one of the most basic things we can to do in our world to promote peace and goodwill, starting right in our own homes. That is something that I try to point out to my girls, if everyone took the time to slow down and share nourishment and break bread with one another, no matter how humble, it might make a difference in the world one household at a time. (read more)

MelindaConvivial Bohemian Table