Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden!

Fairy Garden

The first Fairy Garden attempt!

This last weekend we decided to make a little fairy garden centerpiece for the patio table. We selected a theme of a sleeping fairy with a color scheme similar to what we have with the patio decor in aqua blues and greens.

Fairy Garden

We added a rock “pond” in aqua blue.

We purchased all the fairy accessories from a local nursery, but I have included some links to a few online fairy garden accessory resources. I have not purchased anything from any of them, but thought you may find them helpful if you don’t have a garden center or any other sources near by. There are also plenty of ways to make fairy homes and such from items you can find out in nature as well. (read more)

MelindaFairy Garden!
Stunning Iris Flower Rhiozome

Spring Flower Garden

Iris Spring Flower Garden

These mystery Iris were planted a couple of years ago. Surprise!

When these iris were planted in the front garden a couple of years ago, I was not sure what color they were. I can’t even remember where I got them. Was it the Rocky Mountain Gardening Forum plant swap? Maybe my friend Julie? Surprises in the garden are one of the joys of toiling in the dirt. Watching all of the fruits of your labor burst into bloom in the spring, summer and fall makes it all worth it. I love the process of teaching the kids about the powerful lesson of cultivating a seed, nurturing it and watching it grow into a beautiful flower or food to eat. The value of delaying gratification and cultivating patience. I know many of the gardeners feel the same as I do, that gardening is a form of therapy. Cheap and effective therapy! (read more)

MelindaSpring Flower Garden