Bohemian Tea Party Decor. Bohemian Cottage

Party Decor~Bohemian Tea Party

The bohemian tea party turned out to be timed just right for Makayla’s birthday. We had a few friends over, all bringing something to contribute to the spread and enjoyed a fun, bohemian themed gathering. The food was an eclectic mix of world flavors, the color scheme was a bright saturated jewel toned rainbow. We took inspiration from Morocco, India, England and Turkey.

Bright Bold Bohemian Tea Party Decor

We went with a mix of bright colors and world flavors for our tea party.

Heirloom Tea Set

Rosie brought her tea set passed down from her grandmother.

We had traditional English tea cups and saucers as well as Moroccan tea cups. We ended up using the Moroccan tea cups for our bubbly cocktails instead! I did attempt to make the traditional Moroccan tea, but it came out way to strong. I will work on perfecting that recipe and technique to share with you here on the blog. (read more)

MelindaParty Decor~Bohemian Tea Party
Hummus Dip with Pine Nuts and Red Pepper Recipe. Bohemian Cottage

Classic Hummus Dip

Classic Hummus Dip.

I went with a fairly traditional version of hummus for the bohemian tea party.

Hummus Dip with Pine Nuts and Red Pepper Recipe. Bohemian Cottage

Classic Hummus Dip with Pine Nuts and Red Pepper

I am lucky to have kids that are adventurous eaters from the time they were little. Perhaps it was just what they were exposed to and what they are used to having that have given them their advanced palates for trying new things. Hummus happens to be one of those easy classic dips that they have liked from the first time they tried it. We usually have some on hand to dip veggies and pretzel chips into for a healthy snack. Often times with tight schedules I don’ t take the time to make it from scratch, even though it is not really hard to make. It is the cleaning of the blender that usually makes up my mind to buy the various store bought brands available. If you are thinking of throwing your own bohemian tea party or other gathering and are tight on time, there are many good pre made versions out there. But if you prefer to make it yourself so you can add whatever ingredients that you want to put your personal twist on it, go for it! Here is the recipe I used for our party. It made a thick and fairly chunky version, though you can make it smoother to your preference. (read more)

MelindaClassic Hummus Dip
Garam Masala Stuffed Eggs

Garam Masala Stuffed Eggs

Garam Masala Eggs with Radish.

Garam Masala Eggs with Radish Garnish. The eggs in the center are Traditional Deviled Eggs.

Keeping the theme of the world influence in mind when picking out the food for our bohemian tea party, I thought about taking some of my people’s favorite foods and putting a little cultural twist on them. I ran across the inspiration for these eggs on pinterest and the website Needless to say they were a big hit. They have an unexpected slightly sweet flavor with a nice addition of crunchiness from the radish. I also made a few traditional deviled eggs for my sweetheart since he is not necessarily the bohemian foodie that I am! (read more)

MelindaGaram Masala Stuffed Eggs
Whimsical Bohemian Tea Set by Nini Violette

Bohemian Tea Party Inspiration

Whimsical Bohemian Tea Set by Nini Violette

While planning an upcoming Bohemian Tea Party, which you will see here on the blog, I have come across many inspiring ideas that I wanted to share here. When I start thinking about a party, usually I have some sort of theme in mind like last summers Midsummer Masquerade, to an Indian inspired intimate dinner for 4, it helps to plan the decor, menu and music. If you checked out the Convivial Bohemian Table post, you may have had some inspiration to make your everyday dinning special and uniquely your own, or so I hope anyway! (read more)

MelindaBohemian Tea Party Inspiration